Episcopal Academy football A Quincy man was arrested after multiple break-ins in Hingham.
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A Quincy man was arrested after a string of break-ins in Hingham on Tuesday.


One Hingham resident returned home after being away only 90 minutes, and realized someone had been inside her home. Sheopened her garage door and found her belongings had been moved into a pile inside her garage bay, according to police. She stayed in her vehicle while calling police.



Upon their arrival, officers were also called to the house next door, where a resident noticed her dog was barking excessively. Fearing someone was still in her home, the woman had police come inside to investigate. While the residentswaited outside, they told the officers they just saw a man dressed in black carrying a large duffel bag walking in the woods behind their houses into the adjoining Bare Cove Park property, according to a police report. The man was walking in a direction away from their homes.


A Hingham Animal Control Officer who just happened to be on duty noticed a man carrying a large black duffel bag and drove near him, and stopped to ask him if he was okay. He said no and added he was “trying to get out of here, and if I give you a large sum of money, would you take me to the nearest train station?”

Upon hearing over the radio that police were searching for a man, the animal control officer said she would call police. The man attempted to run away, but officers quickly found him nearby.While searching his bag, officers found items stolen from both the two victims’ homes, including prescription drugs, jewelry, cash, rolled coin, laptop, headphones, credit cards, gift cards and perfume.

Jeremy T. Lentz, 31, of Quincy was charged with2 counts of Felony Breaking and Entering in Daytime, 2 counts of Receiving Stolen Property Over $250, 2 counts of Larceny of a Drug (Prescription Pills) and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

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