Richard DeCoatsworth Richard DeCoatsworth Credit: PPD

The district attorney's office announced Monday that rape charges against former police officer Richard DeCoatsworth were dropped.

DeCoatsworth, who was deemed a hero in 2007 after he hunted down a suspect after he suffered a gunshot wound to the face, was charged in May 2013 with raping and drugging two alleged prostitutes.


"After an intense follow up investigation by the District Attorney's Office it was determined there was not enough evidence to proceed to trial with the trafficking and sex crime charges against this defendant," according to a news release. "The Commonwealth will still proceed with the defendant's remaining domestic violence charges.

The domestic charges stem from an alleged incident involving his girlfriend.

DeCoatsworth, 28, was originally charged with indecent deviant sexual intercourse, and sexual assault, among others.

He retired from the force at the end of 2011.

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