councilman bobby henon Councilman Bobby Henon (D-6th dist.) Credit:

Registered Community Organizations will now have to re-register every two years.

City Council on Thursday approved this change to the zoning code, as well as requirements for RCO's to meet regularly and for developers to notify the group's of pending projects that would require zoning changes.


Councilman Bobby Henon, who introduced the changes in the fall, said these requirements would take the burden off of a lot of community organizations and would hold the developer to a lot more accountability.

Henon said it would give registered RCO's "More of a voice, more of a say," in their neighborhood.

As registered groups, members can offer feedback on zoning decisions and can meet with developers.

Protestors at Thursday's meeting said the bill sides with developers and attempts to silence the community.

Henon refuted that claim, and said the change clears up the developer notifications and makes the role of the RCO clearer.

"It was just a muddy process," he said.


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