Federal officials began wiretapping New York City comptroller John Liu's
conversations two years ago, two of his former top aides revealed in
court documents.

Liu is embattled in an FBI investigation into
his fundraising, which officials allege included “straw donors” to
funnel illegal contributions above the individual limit.

Liu has not been charged, but a former fundraiser and campaign treasurer were arrested.

Federal officials listened in on his phone conversations for a year and a half, The New York Times reported.

The Times reported information from court filings made by two lawyers that
are representing Xing Wu Pan, a former fundraiser, and Jia Hou, a former
campaign treasurer.

Although Hou has been charged with
funneling illegal campaign money, she noted that the feds have yet to
bring charges against her former boss.

"For all the resources expended, a case against John Liu has never been made," she said, according to the New York Post.

to the Times, federal officials operated 10 wiretaps on six different phones
belonging to Liu and several others, and used these to intercept
thousands of calls beginning in March 2010.

Pan’s lawyers want the charges dismissed.

The lawyers called the government’s actions “outrageous and conscience-shocking.”

example, they say that the government told judges that they overheard
Liu discussing an illegal contribution of $10,000, but that a separate
conversation clarified that the $10,000 was legal and from six donors.

The lawyers continued that the government has an “obsession with prosecuting Comptroller Liu.”

Both defendants have a February trial date.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman declined comment to Metro about Liu.

Metro has contacted Liu's office and will update with any response.

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