A gunman opened fire at 11 a.m. today inside an East Harlem pharmacy, but was later killed, according to the NYPD.

Police shot and killed the alleged shooter, Rudolph Wyatt, 23, moments after he started shooting, cops said. But an accomplice who was with him remains on the loose.

The two men entered the pharmacy,located at 2325 1st Avenue, to rob it at around 11 a.m., said cops. They took cash and pills from the store. Police arrived on the scene as the men were exiting the store. One of the men
put his hands up, but Wyatt pulled his gun out and started shooting, said police.

He shot at the police officers, missing them. Cops returned fire, police said.


A retired police officer who just happened to be across the street at a
BP gas station putting gas in his car also shot at the alleged thief.

Wyatt was killed in the shooting, although it is unclear whose bullet
killed him. His body was lying under a blue tarp on the corner of First
Avenue and 119th Street. Cops are still investigating.

Lucky Singh, manager of the BP station across the street, told Metro that he heard the gunshots.

At the time, he said, he heard three shots, "like a 'boom, boom, boom.'" Fireworks, it sounded like," said Singh. "'There's a gunshot outside."

His customers, he said, all fled the store, scared. That's when he looked outside and saw a man lying on the ground outside his gas station.

The accomplice disappeared during the shooting, police said. They are currently searching for him.

Police told Metro they have no reports of other injuries.

Cassandra Garrison contributed reporting.

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