The scavenger hunt is being revolutionized through a new mobile game application called SCVNGR. Kathy Kiely sat on the Big Orange Couch with Seth Priebatsch — the 21-year-old, self-proclaimed “chief ninja” and CEO of the Boston company.

What is SCVNGR?


SCVNGR is part game that you play through your daily life and part game platform. The game is simple — you go places, you do challenges and you earn points.


How does SCVNGR compare to Foursquare?


You can “check-in” on SCVNGR but our core unit is the “challenge.” A challenge can be a check-in but it can also call for you to snap a photo, do an activity or scan a code — anything someone has created as a challenge for that place.


You recently scored $4 million from Google Ventures — on your own.

I flew to Mountain View, Calif., to pitch solo, but luckily it went well. I will swear to the death that I wasn’t nervous, but ... if you’re not freaking out in a situation like that then something is very wrong.

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