News reports say that police shot and killed a man escaping a burglary early this morning in the Bronx.


The incident reportedly happened around 2 a.m. this morning in the Morrisania section of the Bronx.


Witnesses told the Daily News that Reynaldo Cuevas, 20, was trying to escape the robbery at Nathalie Deli & Grocery when he was shot by police.


Three men reportedly entered as the store was closing.


Cuevas was reportedly fleeing the store when a cop, who apparently mistook him for a robber, shot him, according to the Daily News.


"The owner opened the door and came out with his hands up. He said, 'They're robbing me. They're robbing me,'" Cuevas’s cousin Jose Garcia told the News. "The co-worker, he didn't say nothing and didn't put his hands up.”

“He just worked there,” Garcia continued.

Garci told the News and the New York Post that he knew something was wrong when his friend went to buy cigarettes and didn’t recognize the person in the store.

He asked where the owner was, and the person said, “He’s not here.” The man could see the owner on the floor with a masked man holding him at gunpoint. The man called the police.

The robbers apparently tried to leave through the back door.

Garcia said he did not hear a warning like “Freeze.”

After the shooting, police and two of the robbers had a standoff for more than three hours, the News reported, before surrendering around 5 a.m.