The East River ferry service might be popular, but don’t expect that means increased service.

The ferry boats are bloated with twice as many riders as officials expected when the service first launched this summer, according to The New York Times. Regardless, the city has said they won’t be shelling out more money for extra boats. In fact, service is scheduled to become less frequent starting next month.

For example, the Lower Harbor Loop, which shuttles riders between Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park, will no longer run after Nov. 1.

And the city does not plan to boost funds past the $3.1 million they agreed to pay each year as a subsidy for the three-year contract. Jennifer Friedberg, of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, said the ferries are still in the pilot stage.


“The boats are not at capacity all the time,” she said, adding that extra boats are added on the weekends when needed.

Teddy Creegan, 30, takes the ferry to Manhattan from Williamsburg, where he lives. He said he can usually find a spot to sit, but schedules trips to avoid the crowds.

Still, boats are worth it for the time saved, said Brooklynite Casey Miller.

“It would take twice as long on the L train,” she said.

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