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Ronald Anderson Jr.: They wanted a pizza, so they killed the delivery guy

Four young people lured a deliveryman to an abandoned house and killedhim over a $10 pizza, police said.

Four young people lured a deliveryman to an abandoned house and killed him over a $10 pizza, police said.

All four are charged with murder for allegedly placing a bogus takeout order that led to an abandoned house and killing 30-year-old deliveryman Ronald Anderson Jr. when he showed up with the food, according to detectives.

"They were all friends, they all know each other, and for some reason, they came up with the idea to order pizza and rob the man for the food," Homicide Capt. James Clark said. "I would say they were intent on killing him from the second he got out of the vehicle.

"When he pulled up, he didn't have a chance."

Xylaca Devlin, 18, allegedly placed the order from Hot Spot Pizza at 7000 Elmwood Avenue and gave a delivery address on the 2500 block of South Massey Street. Devlin and fellow defendant Keyona Jones, 18, waited in front of the property as decoys so the house would seem occupied, Clark said.

Anderson Jr. barely made it out of the car when he was ambushed by two armed men, allegedly Rashad Cheeseboro, 23, and Michael Covington, 21. They shot Anderson Jr. multiple times, took the pizza and fled on foot, according to police. Investigators were unsure why they did not search the victim for other valuables.

Police arrested Devlin Jan. 6th and took Jones, the final suspect arrested, into custody Friday. "It was totally senseless," Clark said. "The only thing they got away with was a pizza."

According to Hot Spot's menu, a plain extra-large pizza costs $10.90.

Anderson honored on Facebook

A Facebook page titled, "R.I.P. Ron Anderson Jr," which says it was created by one of the victim's stepdaughters, reads:

"I was a 29 year old man when my life was taken in the worst cowardice [sic] way. While I was delivering pizza I was shot in the back and leg, which led to my death. I left behind my wife Shanna. We have 4 beautiful children, I will miss everyone very much!"

Anderson had been working at Hot Spot for less than a year when he was killed. His wife, Shanna, also took phone orders for the pizzeria.

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