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Roxbury bus crash: 911 audio reveals 'unbelievable' scene

The emergency calls to Transit Police from a passenger and the assaulted bus driver tell of an “unbelievable” scene that played out in front of riders on the Route 15 bus that crashed in to a building yesterday.<br /><font face="Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial"><span style="font-size: 11pt"></span></font>

While Transit police continued their investigation into the bizarre bus crash in Roxbury on Monday afternoon, T officials released the emergency calls that provide a glimpse of the chaos that ensued for those on board.
“Got my head smashed into the window,” the Route 15 driver told dispatch over his radio after the 3:15 p.m. crash on Dudley Street.
Passengers said a group of young men assaulted the driver who tried to get them to leave after they were smoking on the bus.

“They were hitting him,” said a passenger who called Transit police. “Oh my God. It’s unbelievable.”

The woman also told police her asthma forced her to leave the bus.

When the bus crashed, a man’s leg became pinned between the building and the bus. Fire crews freed him after about 40 minutes. Several people, including the driver, suffered injuries that were not life threatening.

A T spokesman said yesterday afternoon no arrests had been made.