A Roxbury rapper has created quite the buzz with a video depicting one of Massachusetts’ wealthiest cities as a boozy, suicidal-teen epicenter.

Local hip-hop artist Moufy says he hasn’t had any backlash from his video “Miss Newton,” a song about a rich suburban girl who parties too much and makes bad choices, which ultimately leads to her suicide.

The fictitious video has more than 30,000 views in one month.

The student-turned-rapper said the subject matter is one that “a lot of towns in the country can relate to” because underage drinking, sexual promiscuity and suicide are prevalent in today’s teen culture.

“As an artist I was conveying the truth about some things that do happen in high school and college,” said Moufy. “Kids can relate to that. It’s not saying it is them or their friend, but I think a lot of kids my age can relate to it. “

Moufy, a Roxbury native, said he was kicked out of high school his junior year for being disorderly and began pursuing his hip-hop career.

He transferred to a boarding school in New Hampshire, he said, to finish his high school education, and will attend Merrimack College as a full-time student in the fall.

In the meantime, he has been selling out shows locally, and is slated to appear with some big college-aged rap names emerging in the scene such as Mac Miller and Chris Webby.

With a mix-tape dropping in August, Moufy is sticking to topics his demographic knows about---partying, drinking and of course, teen suicide.

“Kids go through tragedy and kids also party," he said. "Some people have different opinions on it, some people don’t respect it, but others say it's real life. Suicide is a tough topic, but it is something that does happen."

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