Fifty days later, would-be marathon runners from this year's New York City Marathon, canceled because of Hurricane Sandy, are finally getting answers -- but some aren't satisfied.


In a letter outlining the three "resolution" options, New York Road Runners president and CEO Mary Wittenberg acknowledged that it took the organization seven weeks to come up with a plan.


"Really, it took nearly two months to figure out that you could send me a refund and that your cancelation insurance covers it?" asked runner Danny Nathan, who was signed up for this year's race.


Wittenberg said that their insurance was only a starting point in the resolution process.


Nathan said he is fed up with NYRR's "obscenely expensive and massively overcrowded" events, and says Wittenberg is to blame.

"I think that Mary Wittenberg has run the organization like a for-profit corporation," Nathan said.

"The only reason I've maintained any involvement with them at all is because I want to run the NYC Marathon, if even just once."

Jerry Adriano was on a flight from Kansas City, Mo., to Newark, N.J., when Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the cancelation.

Adriano agreed that canceling was the right thing to do, but said the decision should have been made and announced earlier.

"That will always sting a little bit from a frustration perspective," Adriano said.

What are the options?

1. Full refund, excluding $11 processing fee

2. Guaranteed entry into one of the next three years’ marathons, required to pay entry fees (but at 2012 rates)

3. Guaranteed entry to the half-marathon on March 17, 2013, with limited availability

Cassandra Garrison contributed reporting.