Robert Brewington-Pringle, 18, never noticed Dorchester’s ReVision Urban Farm until he got a job there this month.


“I actually thought it would be a real big farm,” the Roxbury teen said of the 1-acre Fabyan Street facility.

After failing to find a job all school year, Brewington-Pringle received one of the 875 jobs in Boston (and more statewide) saved by $3.7 million of last-minute state funding. Massachusetts funds a total of 4,700 jobs with $9.1 million.


“Working in the flowers was tough because bees were all over the place,” he said of the $8-an-hour job he got through Action for Boston Community Development.


In addition to the state-funded jobs, city officials saved another 1,000 summer jobs to preserve 10,000 total jobs in the Hub. They’re targeted at kids whose families fall below the poverty line.


“I know a lot of people that stay out of trouble because they have a job and I know people who don’t have jobs who are always in trouble,” said Brewington-Pringle, who is also taking online courses toward his high school diploma this summer.

Meanwhile, he has no problem helping his mom with the bills.

“I’ll always give to her,” he said.