Ariel Manuel Martinez-Colon Ariel Manuel Martinez-Colon Credit: PPD

A schizophrenic teenager fled his family on Interstate 76 early this morning and is now being sought by police as an "endangered missing person."

Ariel Manuel Martinez-Colon, 18, of Lancaster, reportedly asked his family to pull over near the South Street Bridge while they were driving on I-76 around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Martinez-Colon reportedly thenexited the vehicle and ran away, and the family was not able to catch up with him, according to police.


Martinez-Colon suffers from schizophrenia and depression and may not be taking his medication, police said.

His destination in unknown. He only speaks Spanish.

Martinez-Colon was last seen wearing a black hoodie with a white design on the front, dark blue jeans, and an Adidas baseball hat. He is described as having short black hair, brown eyes, a thin mustache, beard and long chin hair.


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