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Scorned lover busts up Back Bay cars

Police say a drunken and love-scorned man scratched and kicked six cars in the Back Bay Saturday because his girlfriend broke up with him.

Just four days after about 40 cars and SUV’s were “keyed” in the Back Bay, another vandal strikes there. Only this time, the assailant wasn't quite as stealth.

Police arrested a 20 year-old Roxbury man around 2 a.m. Saturday after they caught him "rolling around in the grass median" at the corner of Queensberry Street and Park Drive.

Cops said they watched as the man jumped to his feet and kicked the driver’s side mirror on a Nissan sedan.

The vandal told police that he drank seven alcoholic drinks. He also apologized for what he was doing, and told police that he was upset that his girlfriend had just dumped him.

Police found a total of six scratched up and kicked in cars nearby.