Boston bikers at night. PHOTO BY NICOLAUS CZARNECKI/METRO Boston bikers at night.


Just two weeks after Boston's first Bike Party drew over 400 people, cycling enthusiasts will once again lead a mobile shindig through the Hub.


Tonight, the second Boston Bike Party is set to start at Dewey Square Plaza at 7:30 p.m. Organizers promise "new tunes" and some safe cruising.


The event's webpage shows this notice, reminding cyclists to be courteous:


Just a reminder, everybody stay safe! We’d like to promote biking in Boston, not make everybody hate cyclists. With that goal, keep some things in mind:


  • Bring bike lights! Blinkies, glow sticks, and disco balls welcome!

  • Keep to the right lane and off of sidewalks

  • Never ride against traffic

  • Stop at red lights

  • Ride straight and predictably

  • Ride smart. Don’t ride inebriated or unsafely.

  • Remind others to be safe. Help remind others who aren’t following the rules.

  • Stick together! It isn’t a race to the end, it’s a social ride together. If the group is held back, wait. If you’re falling back (which is hard) catch up!

  • You are each responsible for your behavior! All participants ride at their own risk.

Other cities’ Bike Parties have had themes – like a Robot Ride in D.C. and a Rubik’s Cube Ride in San Francisco – but Tuesday’s bike party will be pretty straight forward. Organizers collected song requests, and intend to lead the group by having cyclists follow the music.

Creator Elodie Garcia, 25, said the event will likely take place on a monthly basis.

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