The grieving mother of a 22-year-old woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Hyde Park early Saturday morning wants justice for her daughter.

Tinesha Julien, a Somerville resident and mother to a 2-year-old boy named Alijah, was struck and killed on River Street near its intersection with Rosa Street around 4:45 a.m. Saturday. She was walking with Kevin Lewis, her boyfriend and the father of her son, who lives nearby.

When police arrived, Julien was suffering from head trauma.

Witnesses told police that a four-door black Jeep Liberty hit Julien and did not stop.


The Jeep was last seen driving down River Street toward Cleary Square, according to police, who also said the vehicle has a black wheel cover with red and blue lettering.

"If I could ask anything, I would ask them to turn themselves in, and make it easier on them and on our family. She has a baby boy that misses her," said the victim's mother, Avonda Julien, as she gathered at a memorial on River Street yesterday afternoon.

Nearby, grieving loved ones hugged and arranged candles, flowers and stuffed animals on the River Street sidewalk.

The family said they were in shock from Julien's death.

"It's devastating. It's the news you never want to hear," said Julien's mother.

The family got a call early Saturday morning from Boston Medical Center where Julien was taken after the crash. Her mother said Julien had been babysitting most of the week and went out to have fun.

She also said Julien recently graduated from nursing school, was looking for a job in the field and had a birthday coming up on July 3.

"I am trying to stay strong because I am the person that has to be here for her son. He doesn't know yet," Julien's mother said.

When asked what kind of person would hit a woman with a car, then flee the scene, Avonda said: "A person who has no heart, probably drunk, probably a young driver."

Police said no arrests were made as of press time yesterday.

What is known

Tinesha Julien was struck by a car early Saturday.

Julien was walking with her boyfriend about 4:45 a.m. near River and Rosa streets when she was hit.

Police released surveillance images of the suspected car fleeing the scene.

Witnesses said the car fled down River Street toward Cleary Square.

The car had a steering wheel cover with red and blue lettering.

Anyone with information can call 617-343-4470.

Promising future cut short

Tinesha Julien graduated from nursing school in March.

She was currently hunting for a job in the nursing field, her family said.

Julien also had a 2-year-old son named Alijah. Julien's mother said yesterday the boy doesn't yet know his mother was killed.

Julien's birthday was next week. She was going to turn 23 years old.

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