Martha Coakley has called in the head honcho with hopes of pushing her momentum over the top as poll numbers suggest a photo finish on Tuesday.


With less than 48 hours until the special election, President Barack Obama rallied for the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate at Northeastern University after a feverish weekend of campaign stops for Coakley and her opponent, Scott Brown, who was joined by thousands of supporters — including Red Sox legend Curt Schilling — at a counter-rally in Worcester.


With Brown thanking the crowd at what he dubbed “The People’s Rally,” Obama flew to Boston to stand with his fellow Democrat. In a tight race and with much of his agenda at stake, the president sought to energize the party’s local base that has watched Coakley’s Republican opponent surge in the polls.


“If you were fired up in the last election, I need you more fired up in this election,” Obama shouted.


Scores of supporters for both candidates rallied outside the university, with hundreds of people lining the sidewalks in an often chaotic atmosphere on Huntington Avenue. It was clearly evident the national health care debate was on many of their minds.

Jose Briceno, 30, from Cambridge, waved a Coakley sign and said he wants to help those without access to health care. “This election is so important,” he said.

Meanwhile, 46-year-old Ralph Gramazio from Dorchester said he’s voting for Brown as the 41st vote to block the bill in the Senate.

“We all need health care reform. But having a debacle of a bill rammed down the throats of Americans ... is just a disgrace” he said.