SEPTA surveilance cameras captured a brawl that erupted Monday afternoon between SEPTA police officer Ron Jones and an aggressive passenger on the Broad Street subway.

The altercation, according to SEPTA Spokeswoman Jerri Williams, started after the passenger, who boarded the subway before the Girard Station stop, shouted to fellow passengers that he was holding a gun.


Calls and concerns flooded SEPTA Police, who couldn't catch the aggressor at the Girard Avenue stop.

Jones was radioed and was dispatched to the Fairmount Station stop. And when the train arrived a confrontation quickly ensued.

The full-figured attacker exited the train and charged at Jones, who whipped out pepper spray and swung a battalion, but to no avail.

As the attacker started to get the best of Jones, he called out to the onlookers for help. Two came to his aid. Fellow officers arrived shortly after to help put the attacker in handcuffs.

The attacker has not been identified, but he is being treated for minor injuries at Hahnemann University Hospital.


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