SEPTA tracks. Credit: Mural Arts Program SEPTA tracks. Credit: Mural Arts Program

SEPTA's plan to rehabilitate many of the underground transit concourses in Center City got the go-ahead to move forward.

The concourses, which are owned by the city, will be leased by SEPTA for the next 30 years. The agency is expected to sign the lease this week.


The plan, according to Deputy General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel, could be extremely drastic in some areas.

"I think there is a very special opportunity to do something on the South Broad concourse which is south of City Hall going down to Spruce Street," he said. "It's a very big area. … we could create almost an underground park."

SEPTA will be in charge of cleaning, repairing and maintaining the almost four miles of underground concourse space. Knueppel said they will add lighting, cameras and walkways as well as repairing leaks. SEPTA also plans to replace three escalators and an elevator at 15th and 8th Street station.

Since 2007 the Center City District has cleaned the concourses.

After the state passed the transportation funding bill SEPTA made plans to spend hundreds of millions over the course of the next few years on its infrastructure.

Areas not included in the lease is the corridor for the Patco stations east and west on Locust Street, the Patco Station corridor on 8th Street, and the corridor between the Municipal Services building and Dilworth Plaza, according to SEPTA Spokeswoman Jerri Williams.

By the numbers

$29 million programmed over the next five years for concourse repairs.
$7 million for the elevators and escalators.


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