SEPTA train Repairs to a viaduct over Crum Creek will impact SEPTA's Media/Elwyn line the next two Sundays.
Credit: Metro file photo

SEPTA will operate shuttle buses along the Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line each of the next two Sundays as repairs are completed on a viaduct.

The shuttle buses will run between the Elwyn and Morton stops from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.

Repairs are being completed to the 100-foot Crum Creek viaduct.


SEPTA released the following information regarding adjustments to commute times each day:

Passengers traveling inbound to Center City from Elwyn will board waiting shuttle busesapproximately 25 minutes earlier than their regularly scheduled train times. After leaving ElwynStation, the shuttle buses will make stops at Media, Moyland-Rose Valley, Wallingford andSwarthmore stations before connecting passengers with trains at Morton Station. Inbound trains willdepart from Morton station five minutes earlier than the regularly scheduled trip times.

Outbound trains will travel as far as Morton Station and will arrive five minutes later than theregularly scheduled train times. Passengers traveling outbound to Swarthmore, Wallingford,Moyland-Rose Valley and Elwyn will transfer from trains to shuttle buses at Morton Station tocomplete their outbound trips. Shuttle bus passengers should anticipate arriving up to 25 minuteslater than regularly scheduled train times.

In addition to the viaduct being closed in both directions Sept. 29 and Oct. 6, single-track operations will be in effect along the Media/Elwyn line tomorrow and Saturday, Oct. 5, as bridge inspections are completed. The inspections will also impact the Chestnut East line.

For more information from SEPTA on the schedule adjustments, click here.

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