Who said stuffed animals have to be sweet and cuddly?


"Family Guy" creator and crude-humor mastermind Seth MacFarlane doesn't think so. And it's obvious as he heavily promotes his new, first-ever feature length film “Ted,” a tale about a talking Teddy Bear and his misadventures with Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg.


Well, actually, it’s not MacFarlane pushing the film forward prior to its summer release, it’s Ted himself—at least that’s the idea behind the social media blitz.


Ted, the chatty bear with a brain like a stoner and a mouth like a truck driver, runs Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts, which, like his character in the movie, are based out of Boston.


Some of the posts he puts up are about events happening in the Hub, while others, well, are Ted’s “Fuzzy Thoughts.”


The movie is set in Boston, and was filmed in various spots in and around the city, including Somerville.

And, keeping character, Ted tweets about what’s going on here.

The night the Bruins lost to the Capitals in April? Ted tweeted “My night was Bruined.”

He even vents his frustration with the Red Sox when they lose.

In early April, he tweeted “F***** F*** #RedSox,” following a folly by the home team.

A self-described “thinker and a stoner,” it’s obvious from his timeline and Tumblr accounts that Ted has a foul-mouth and a few thoughts that he should probably keep in his stuffed head.

But that seems to be the appeal of the film on the heels of successful ventures like “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” two of MacFarlane’s most famed projects.

Here are some of our favorite local Tweets from the bear himself but, warning, some are NSFW.

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