A lawsuit brought against the founder of American Apparel by a former employee who claimed he forced her to be his sex slave has been thrown out of court.


According to DNAinfo, the $260 million suit was tossed by a Brooklyn judge after the clothing store's founder, Dov Charney, and former American Apparel manager, Irene Morales, agreed to arbitration in California.


In the suit filed a year ago, Morales, who used to work at a Chelsea store, alleged that Charney began sexually harassing her when she was a 17-year-old trainee. She claimed she endured eight months of forced sex with Charney because he threatened to fire her if she didn't comply. Morales also said she suffered "extreme psychological abuse and torment" from Charney during an "induced" visit to him in California.


Lewd emails and sexually charged photos that Morales reportedly sent to Charney have been posted online. She also reportedly sent sexually explicit messages and asked Charney for money via text. However, in the suit, Morales claimed Charney forced her to send racy photos or she would lose her job.


"It took a while, but the right result was reached," Charney's attorney, Stuart Slotnick, told DNAinfo. "We’re happy to see that the frivolous claims are going to be heard in the proper venue."

(Images via Gawker)