The woman who is suing Citibank claiming she was fired for being too good looking appeared on a Discovery Channel series on plastic surgery that followed her pursuit of breast implants that would make her look like a Playboy Playmate.


Debrahlee Lorenzana, who has said the many media appearances about the lawsuit have landed her in hot water with her new employer at Chase, told Discovery Health Channel’s cameras, “That’s what I want to be: t—s on a stick.” Her role in the 2003 series was reported by the Daily News yesterday.


The then-26-year-old Lorenzana called plastic surgery “the best thing that ever happened” and said it would help her “manhunt” to land a hunk. In one scene she holds melons to her chest.


Lorenzana accuses her Citi bosses of telling her that her figure was a distraction to males in the office. She alleges that when she complained of sexual harassment she was fired.


An attorney for Lorenzana told the News that her surgery has nothing to do with her lawsuit.