Shark for sale on New York City subway

Just when you thought it was safe to take the J train.

A man has been trying to sell a small live shark on the subway, according to Gothamist.


A source told the site that the guy told riders he caught the fish in Coney Island after it tried to bite him "on the ass" and was now selling it for $100.


Last seen on the J train, the man was carrying his little shark in a disposable cooler. When Gothamist asked PETA for their thoughts, the animal activists said the man may be "bitten" again after the Department of Environmental Conservation find out about his illegal business ventures.

If you think this man’s entrepreneurship is little uh, fishy, you probably haven’t tried the "Nutcracker" – and we’re not talking about the ballet.

The potent drink — made of whiskey, rum and vodka mixed with fruit juices, Kool-Aid and sometimes Jolly Ranchers — is sold in plastic cups or sealed plastic bottles for around five bucks a pop on the subway. Metro's seen them hawked on the A train.

What other weird things have people tried to sell you on the subway?

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