Standing in a crowded hallway at Boston Casting in Allston last week, Don Peters addressed the actors auditioning for the pilot of his new docudrama called Naughty on Nantucket.

“It’s a combination of “Big Brother” and “American Idol” but with a Nantucket feel; this is not a low-class reality show,” Peters told candidates vying for roles such as a John Mayer-type musician and a 22-year-old knockout who competes with her mother for tennis pros’ attention.

“I read about the role and it seemed like my life,” Lauren Zirilli of Beacon Hill said before being cast as Chelsea, a sexy 40-year-old who married well and divorced better. “I spend every summer on Nantucket. I know every inch of that island.

“Nantucket has such a reputation. It’s the perfect place for a show. You have people from New York, L.A. and lots of foreigners.”

The pilot — which has aroused the interest of the major networks — will be shot on location Nov. 12-14. Cast members aren’t paid but get free board.

“Anything is good for experience,” Chris Cuomo, 29, of Andover said before auditioning for the musician role.

Peters modeled many of the characters after people he met while summering on the island, but none of them are autobiographical.