Police arrested six protesters last night when they evicted Occupy Wall Street from Union Square, saying the park needed to be closed overnight.


Hundreds of protesters streamed into Union Square last night, but police officers reportedly surrounded the park today in the early morning with barricades and told the group they needed to leave.


According to the New York Post, officers said the park needed to be closed in the overnight hours, although barricades are a rare sight at Union Square.


An NYPD spokesman told Metro the charges included resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.


Earlier this week, 73 protesters were arrested when they tried to re-enter Zuccotti Park and a few attempted to erect tents.

Protesters and the police both accused each other of violence. Protesters said cops used "brutal" tactics and recounted bruises and bleeding, but officers responded by releasing a video of a female protester apparently elbowing a police officer.