The discovery of four bodies found in Gilgo Beach on Dec. 13 is still under investigation by Suffolk County Police, but authorities have determined the identity of one of the victims.

One of the women dumped on Gilgo Beach has been identified as Megan Waterman, a 22-year-old Maine woman who allegedly advertised as an escort on Craigslist.

Her mother, Lorraine Ela of South Portland, Maine, submitted DNA to Suffolk county police on Dec. 15 and was notified at 11 a.m. Wednesday by homicide detectives at Waterman’s family’s home in Scarborough, Maine, that a match had been made.

“Her case is being ruled a homicide, but we are not releasing an actual cause of death,” a Suffolk County police spokesman told Metro. “A task force has been formed to investigate these murders.”

Authorities are not sure if Waterman’s alleged Craigslist ads were a factor in her disappearance, but are not ruling it out.

According to police reports, Waterman was last seen with her boyfriend Akeem Cruz, 20, of Brooklyn, at a Holiday Inn Express at 1:30 a.m. on June 6 in Hauppauge.


In what police say is an unrelated case, Waterman’s former boyfriend, Akeem Cruz, was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly threatening a woman with a knife and slashing her tires in Portland in mid-June of 2010.

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