The MBTA Board of Directors authorized the extension of a bike path in Somerville along an inactive railroad right-of-way.

The path would eventually connect to a new T station that could be part of the Green Line Extension through Medford and Somerville. The 1.2-mile path would also connect to the Community Path being built as part of the Green Line Extension.

Mark Boyle, of the MBTA’s real estate department, said the current path is already popular because it connects to the Davis Square T station.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about the Community Path for the Green Line Extension,” Boyle said. “The good news is it will ultimately connect this path with that path, and we’ll have a good safe connection to Davis Square.”

The existing path in Somerville currently ends at Cedar Street. It will be extended to Lowell Street.

“It’s a great asset to the community and we’re excited to make more pro-gress on this path,” said Somerville planner Kathleen Ziegenfuss.