The four suspects shown vandalizing cars and houses in a Christmas day surveillance video released earlier today apparently beat police to it and posted their own crimes on YouTube. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, as one of the teens appeared to be taping the spree on his cell phone in the police footage.


A quick YouTube search for "Wreck Locals," the tag the group scrawls on other peoples' property, reveals a video in which they tape themselves graffiting cars and kicking in their windows. Additional similar videos may exist.


The same account, which appears to be maintained by the same teen who aims the camera at his face in the vandalism video, posted several other entertaining shorts.


Like "shout out vdeo to the loyal," which may be a list of Twitter or Facebook followers, given the way he's reading them off his computer screen:


"my bro rizzy fn rell playin around," featuring an entertaining dance routine:

And "me and my bros playin around," which shows a synchronized rap. Followed by more Jersey-style house music dancing around.