Growing up South Boston style is no joke, or at least it wasn’t for Brandon Kane, who is aiming to get his life on track after struggling with heart break, a cocaine addiction, and meaningless sex.

The cure? Reality TV, of course.

Kane, a Quincy resident, has joined the cast of The Real World: St. Thomas, which premieres on Wednesday, June 27 on MTV.

Kane’s story will revolve around the turmoil he’s faced in life, and how he hopes to stay clean, and move forward from a devastating break up.


Sporting tattoos and gauged ears, Kane said he had to steal and hustle to survive in Southie.

After a particularly heart-wrenching breakup with his first love, Kane had a year-long bender of promiscuous sex and coke-fueled partying.

But he's been drug free for five months now, and he sees The Real World as his opportunity to get out of his town and have a shot at a normal life.

He will join six other cast members from around the country for a season of living the laid back Caribbean culture.

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