It's just another day at the office, sitting at your desk, answering emails ... until BAM — you see a space shuttle piggy-backing an aircraft carrier in the sky overhead!


That's how many office workers spent their morning, as the space shuttle Enterprise made its way from Washington, DC to New York City. The shuttle spent a good part of the early morning gliding around in the skies above the city, soaring past the Statue of Liberty and then over Manhattan, all while mounted to a NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, before landing at JFK International Airport around 11:30.


Excited office workers pressed their foreheads against their glass windows, craning their necks for a glimpse at this rare sight. Many of them gushed about the delightful occasion using our generation's most common form of expression — Twitter. Here's a roundup of the best Enterprise tweets and photos snapped by New Yorkers.


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