michael nutter Mayor Michael Nutter.
Credit: Rikard Larma / Metro.


The question isn't in doubt: Should city schools return to local control?


What is in doubt is if the question will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot.



On Thursday City Council voted 15-1 in favor of adding the question to the ballot. But Mayor Michael Nutter needs to sign the bill by Friday to make the printing deadline. If he doesn't sign it by Friday, it will have to wait until May.

"The Mayor will give it the appropriate consideration," said Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald.

Of course, even if the voting public approves to disband the School Reform Commission, which governs the district, the SRC isn't forced to comply. Per the agreement, signed in 2001, only the SRC can decide to dissolve itself.

Councilman Bill Greenlee, who voted against adding the question to the ballot, reasoned "I don't think the City Charter should be an opinion poll."

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, who championed the measure, said the district is in trouble.

"We've got to do something different," she said.

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