Some of the state's top Democrats were joined by President Barack Obama's chief strategist in front of the State House today where they slammed Mitt Romney's record as Massachusetts governor.

Romney, the likely Republican nominee for president, was criticized for being a "drive-by governor on his way to running for president of the United States."

But as the Democrats began to talk, a few dozen Romney supporters who also gathered in front of the State House chanted loudly and tried to drown out the Democrats with boos and chants of "Where are the jobs."

The Democrats just cranked the volume of their sound system and spoke over the chants.


David Axelrod, Obama's chief strategist, appeared at the event and, as the Romney supporters chanted "five more months," he cited a recent poll showing Romney's lacking support in the Bay State.

"These might be the only voters for Mitt Romney right here in Massachusetts," he said pointing to the Romney supporters.

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