Transportation advocates flocked to Beacon Hill Monday to urge state legislators to create a long-term, statewide transportation funding solution for the Bay State that would meet the needs of drivers and public transit riders alike.

“This is not just the T’s problem, it’s a statewide problem and there needs to be a statewide, long-term solution,” said Sen. Pat Jehlen.

A bill that went before the Joint Committee on Transportation yesterday asked state leaders to support the idea to build a safer, more modern transit system across the entire commonwealth “that enhances public transportation ridership, and spurs job creation and economic development.”

The bill suggests launching a Vehicle Miles Traveled pilot study, examining the feasibility of supplementing the gas tax with a mileage-based fee for drivers, and exploring a UPass program for university students to help fund the ailing transit system.


The legislation also sought to establish a special transportation finance commission to develop a comprehensive plan for the state.

Kristina Egan, director of Transportation for Massachusetts, said from the Berkshires to Cape Cod, residents want increased investments in roads and railways.

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