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State rep. Miranda avoids arrest after getting to court late

State Rep. J.P. Miranda, charged with corruption for hiring his sister, nearly faced re-arrest after he missed a status hearing on Tuesday.

State Rep. J.P. Miranda. Credit: PPD State Rep. J.P. Miranda. Credit: PPD

Miranda, who didn't realize he needed to appear for the status hearing, drove two hours from Harrisburg to appear after realizing his mistake, said his lawyer, Charles Peruto Jr.

Miranda arrived at 11:50 a.m., after court adjourned, and a bench warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Miranda returned to court Wednesday to sign a subpoena that he will appear at his court date, resolving the warrant, Peruto said.


"It's very common," Peruto said.

Peruto also said Miranda was 'singled out' for the perjury and criminal conspiracy charges he is facing.

"[D.A.] Seth Williams had a personal vendetta against Miranda," Peruto said.

Not true, responded D.A. Williams' press secretary, Tasha Jamerson.

"That’s ridiculous," Jamerson said. "A judge has determined there was enough evidence to hold this defendant for trial. Mr. Peruto needs to get a new shtick."

But Peruto said conduct like Miranda's -- hiring a family member -- is widespread.

"He hasn’t done nothing that other representatives have done for years. I would love to be able to subpoena all the reps that have family on the payroll, but we are not here to indict anyone else," Peruto said. "This has gone on since the beginning of time. Many judges have wives as secretaries. but Miranda was singled out. We'll see what the judge makes of that.

In January, Williams announced an investigation finding that Miranda had hired his sister as chief of staff, in violation of state House of Representatives rules.

Miranda and his sister Michelle Wilson allegedly lied to a grand jury about the arrangement.

Both face perjury and conspiracy charges.

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