Seeking to put a permanent end to the recently popular Four Loko parties, state officials pushed forward yesterday with an effort to implement regulations banning caffeine infused alcoholic drinks.

In November, the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission put an emergency ban on Four Loko soon after the FDA warned the makers of caffeinated alcohol drinks. The ABCC is now seeking to extend the ban.

That’s bad news for a local businesswoman who, since 2004, has tried to launch a beer that contains 69 milligrams of caffeine.

Moonshot69 is a product of the New Century Brewing Co. in Boston. It found its way into restaurants and company owner Rhonda Kallman was trying to get the beer off the ground and into retail stores when the ban was enacted.

“It is marketed strictly as an alcoholic beverage — a beer — not as an energy drink, stimulant or alcoholic alternative of any type,” Kallman said.

After the ban was implemented, Kallman said she had to pull bottles from suppliers and lost $25,000 worth of product.

Steve DiFillippo, owner of Davio’s restaurant on Arlington Street, said he sold the beer and hoped the commission would grant an exception.

“Kids from BU ... are not coming to Davio’s to drink Moonshot,” DiFillippo said.

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