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Stolen iPhone located thanks to iPhone

A man was arrested after the phone’s GPS system was able to tell police where it was.

Is there anything an iPhone can’t do?

A man reported to police on Wednesday night that his iPhone, laptop and other computer items were stolen from his workplace.

He also informed police that he had a GPS tracking device installed on his phone and was able to track it to a Shawmut Avenue building in Roxbury.

Officers went to the building and the victim sent a message and alert to the phone telling whoever had it that police were at the door. The officers heard the phone’s noise come from an apartment and saw a man open the door and slam it shut when he saw police.

Another man answered the door when officers knocked, police said, and let them search the apartment. There they found the stolen items and eventually found the iPhone outside the building when they learned the alleged thief threw it out the window.

Malcolm Williams, 52, of Boston was charged with larceny, trespassing and other crimes.

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