Former Stony Brook University soccer star Brittany Norwood was charged with first-degree murder and held without bond yesterday for bludgeoning a co-worker to death and fabricating an elaborate tale to cover up her alleged crime.

Maryland cops believe a March 11 workplace dispute between Norwood and Janya Murray at the Lululemon Athletica sportswear shop in Bethesda spiraled out of control.

The next day, a store manager found Murray dead in the back of the store and Norwood bound and covered in bruises nearby. Norwood told cops the two had been raped and assaulted by two men in ski masks and gloves.

But Norwood’s account of the gruesome murder raised eyebrows in police headquarters.

“As detectives followed forensic evidence during the course of the investigation, the evidence they were finding was not matching the account given by Ms. Norwood,” Montgomery County spokeswoman Lucille Baur told Metro. “No rape had occurred like she said, and the only footprints found at the scene were of Brittany Norwood and Jayna Murray. We believe Norwood's bruises were self-inflicted.”

Norwood is believed to have used items from the store to bludgeon the victim to death.

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