The Harvard community is getting frisky this week with a series of sultry seminars on campus discussing everything from anal sex and BDSM to the ethics of pornography.


The first "Sex Week at Harvard," which unwrapped yesterday and continues through the end of this week, will address a range of topics like sexual health, education and hooking up on campus while connecting people through common experiences.


Members of Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College, a student-run organization, helped coordinate the week-long sex-capades featuring professionals, educators and organizations.


"Through our experiences in the world of sexual health on Harvard's campus, we knew that there were a number of events being put on by disparate student groups," said student Samantha Meier.


Meier, who co-founded SHEATH with classmate Abby Sun, said the duo bred "Sex Week" in order to "provide a platform for the student groups already doing amazing work" and putting on events.


Sociologist and expert on "the hook-up culture" on college campuses, Dr. Lisa Wade, will offer her expert advice on several subjects during the week, including sexuality in mass media.

"Students are thrilled to be able to talk frankly with someone about sexuality," said Wade. "Once a student knows they're not the only person in the world to feel something, they feel more comfortable."

The event will also feature demonstrations on how to use sex toys and lubricants while introducing students to sexual health job opportunities during a career fair.

"We believe that examining common human experiences with love, sex, sexuality and relationships are vital to any education," said Meier.

Condom casinos and sex 'Jeopardy'

Northeastern University had a different approach for its annual "Sex Week," which ended last Thursday.

Students competed in trivia games focused on sex education for prizes and hit the card tables with condoms as chips on campus.

Events also featured celebrity appearances and insight from Boston police officers about the sex trafficking industry.

Curry Dance Studio even showed coeds what makes a "good lap dance" through free lessons.

Classes on the schedule

Some of the seminars being held this week:

Anal Pleasure 101: Experts will dispel myths about anal sex and give insight into why people do it.

Dirty Talk: Uncover the language of how to communicate common desires.

Affirmative Consent and Criminal Law: Judge Nancy Gertner will discuss just that.

BDSM 101: Kink, Negotiation, and Safety: Participants will learn the language and skills to describe their core kinks.

Making Sense of Abstinence: Discussion of complex realities of choosing not to have sex.

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