Passengers have to avoid a lot on the subway: slumbering people, sticky soda spills, eye contact. Now, some want the MTA to eliminate at least one urban annoyance — eating on the train.

Two members of the MTA?board, which oversees the MTA, suggested Monday banning food and drinks. Prohibiting food on the trains would cut down on track fires and rat infestations, they said.

The suggestion followed a fight that broke out last week when a woman was caught snacking on spaghetti on a train in Brooklyn. Another passenger asked her, “What kind of animals eat on the train?”

“What kind of fat b---- looks like you?” replied the noodle eater.

The two then attacked each other as straphangers tried to break up the fight.

Most straphangers polled said the subway wasn’t a sanitary place to dine.

“It’s disgusting,” Giovanni Roman, 28, told Metro.

The MTA said yesterday they were not likely to seriously consider a ban on grub.

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