Activists furious at Scott Brown’s refusal to back a bill that would provide summer jobs for teens will march to the U.S. senator’s office in the JFK Federal Building at noon today.

While proponents praise the bill for providing as much as $687 million to programs for low-income, elderly and disabled residents, Brown maintains the funds will drive up national dept.

Brown joined Republicans late last week in filibustering the bill to extend jobless benefits and fund cash-strapped states and summer jobs across the country.


The bill would have funded 2,000 teen jobs this summer in Boston and 16,000 in Massachusetts. Sen.

John Kerry said in a statement the vote was “one of the worst moments I’ve seen in 25 years in the United States Senate. ... This is a terrible blow to Massachusetts.”

Brown opposes spending programs that increase national dept, but urged federal authorities to use unused funds within the economic stimulus package to pay for the programs.

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