super crane Gov. Cuomo said the "super crane" will help keep construction costs on the new NY Bridge down.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced multiple projects on Monday devoted to strengthening infrastructure in the state, including bridges and dams.


Cuomo welcomed a 328 feet tall super crane capable of lifting 1,900 tons -- equivalent of 12 Statue of Liberties -- in the waters near the Tappan Zee Bridge, and announced Build NY, a project delivery tool that streamlines construction, design, bidding and contractual details.

The governor’s office said Build NY project management brings “private sector innovation and efficiency to public sector projects.”


Cuomo said the “super crane” will be used to build the New NY Bridge, and that by using a single contract with Tappan Zee Constructors, the state will save more than a billion dollars than early estimates projected.


“The New NY Bridge project is a symbol of partnership and progress – it is tactile proof that the new New York is here, with a government that works more efficiently and tackles problems more affordably,” Cuomo said. “The I Lift NY super crane will speed up construction time and it is one of the factors that helped save the State more than one billion dollars compared to early estimates. This is proof that the design-build method works – and in the interests of the State and its taxpayers, now is the time to expand it.”

More than half of the necessary support pilings are installed for the new bridge, according to the governor’s office, and the project is set to be completed by 2018.

Build NY will also create a list of state infrastructure that need attention, and potentially match them with revenue sources, such as bank settlements, to fund them.

Also Monday, Cuomo said $2 million of NY Works money will fund the inspection of 50 dams across the state, and repairs to dams in Franklin, Essex and Chenango Counties.