dating relationship man woman amber madison A new survey ranks the cities where couples are most likely to go Dutch on bills, and women are not pleased with the results. Photo: Thinkstock

A new survey ranks Boston as second for couples that go Dutch, or split the check on a date, despite the fact that two in three women believe men should still pick up the tab.

The poll, conducted by dating site, 86 percent of Boston couples settle on splitting the tab.


The American Sociological Associationfound that while 57 percent of women offer to split the bill, 39 percent hope men will reject the offer.

Detroit ranked highest, with 88 percent going halfsies. Louisville followed Boston with 85 percent, followed by Indianapolis with 81 percent. Other cities likely to go Dutch include Miami, Palo Alto, Phoenix, Austin, New Haven and Toledo, according to the survey.

“If you want to impress a woman, then you have to pay. Gender equality should not equate to the death of chivalry,” said Brandon Wade, founder of “Women still earn 77 cents to a man’s dollar, so why shouldn’t men pay for dinner?”

A professional Boston wingwoman weighs in

Susan Baxter of Hire a Boston Wingwoman. Photo: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro Susan Baxter of Hire a Boston Wingwoman. Photo: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

Susan Baxter is founder ofHire a Boston WingWoman, a professional “ice-breaker” service. Here are her thoughts on going Dutch on dates:

"It's a bit of a dichotomy because we're very conservative in some ways, but other ways we're extremely progressive. One on hand, Boston women are loyal and understanding; maybe she makes more than her date or just pays the bill because she feels badly, on the other hand, they demand respect and want to be treated like a lady. In a city where education is of utmost importance, and women are getting degrees and jobs at the same level as men, going Dutch on a date seems like a practical thing to do, however, I am not a fan."

"I believe there are other ways women can make it up to the man for paying the bill, and I don't mean in a sexual way. The woman could offer to make dinner the next time, or buy dessert at another place after the meal. I tell my male clients that on the first date, they must pay, even if the woman offers. A woman may accept paying half, but she won't like it. It's a turnoff to be honest. A woman likes to be treated well and taken care of. After all, she spends so much time getting all dolled up and treating this as a special night where the gentleman is supposed to be on his best behavior. Having her split the check is just like an alarm going off and interrupting the nice dream she was having."

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