Kenneth Todd. Credit: PPD Kenneth Todd. Credit: PPD

A recently paroled violent felon who was arrested on Friday for a home invasion robbery in Center City last month will be in court for a hearing on August 26.

Kenneth Todd, 47, now faces charges of aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, criminal trespass for the violent attack on a resident at 13th and Pine streets in Center City, in which Todd beat a woman who was dog-sitting and stole a laptop from the home.

Todd was paroled from prison just a month ago from a sentence for a 2010 armed robbery conviction and has a history of violent crime including multiple arrests for assault, gun charges, burglary and robbery.


Todd was arrested on Friday after undercover officers spotted him near 13th and Spruce streets, a block away from where the robbery took place.

In the July 25 robbery he reportedly followed a pet-sitter into a home on 13th and Pine streets after asking her for a cigarette, then beat her and choked her while demanding money until she screamed for help and he fled with the laptop. The victim sustained serious injuries but survived.

Todd also faces burglary charges for a separate robbery two days prior on Wednesday, July 23, also on the 1300 block of Pine Street.