A T passenger trying to get a free ride by not paying his fare was confronted by transit police officers who found the suspect had a stack of warrants out for his arrest from several cities and towns.

According to police reports, on Oct. 13, police arrested Christopher Coates, 27, on default warrant charges stemming from Malden, Cambridge, Lynn and Boston.

Coates was trying to “piggyback” a passenger who paid the train fare by walking close behind them as they passed through the turnstile.

Officers confronted Coates at a Cambridge T stop and ran a warrant check, according to reports.


Coates is allegedly wanted for operating without a license, receiving a stolen car, disorderly conduct, possession of a class C drug and two counts of possession of a class E drug.

He also had warrants out for assault and battery and resisting arrest, according to police.

Coates was taken into custody and later issued a citation for not paying his train fare.

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