Almost two years after installing seatless Red Line cars to alleviate rush hour crowding, the T launched an online survey yesterday to let riders decide the future of the so-called Big Red coaches. GM Rich Davey has received a handful of complaints about the two Big Red coaches currently running during rush hour.

“We decided to poll our customers and ask the folks who use it every day if we should continue the statuesque, offer more straps in the coach or put seats back all together,” Davey said.

Paul Regan, executive director of the MBTA Advisory Board, said the seatless cars aren’t popular and haven’t gotten to the “root” of the Red Line’s problems.

“It’s nice they are being innovative and taking a different approach, but the problem with the Red Line is it needs more capacity,” he said.

Davey said he is trying to improve Red Line service by overhauling 57 old cars and the signal systems. The T also recently initiated the process of buying more Red Line cars.

As for Big Red, customers can visit the front page of to decide its fate.

“We will continue to use this method of soliciting feedback from customers for other policy decisions,” Davey said.