After moving to Boston from public transit-starved Detroit in 1988, Robin Maxfield quickly learned not to speak to strangers on the T. So Maxfield naturally shook off an odd suitor on a crowded platform one night on her way to the hottest club of the day.

“All of a sudden, in front of my face, there’s a muffin — only the muffin has a bite out of it, and I hear in my ear: ‘Want a bite?’” Maxfield told a crowd of about 50 in Somerville on Tuesday night.

Telling the story during the story slam called “It Happened to Me on the T,” Maxfield continued: “I’m dancing at Zanzibar and I’m like, ‘Oh my God what time is it, what time is it,’ you know the whole last-train thing that’s so messed up in Boston it’s not even funny.”

Maxfield rushed to Government Center only to again find the muffin man. Long story short, he called her four months later after she planned a trip to Portugal with another guy.

After fog led to the other guy leaving without her, Maxfield dared the muffin man to buy a ticket and meet her at the airport.

“That was 22 years [and two kids] ago. ... It all turned out well, so thank you MBTA.”