More than half of those surveyed believe parents should not be required to fold their strollers before boarding a T bus.

That’s according to the final results of the T’s online survey, which was removed from its website this week.

The T currently does not have a policy on strollers, but many other subway systems throughout the nation do and require them to be folded.

A T spokesman said there are no plans at this point to enact a policy, but discussions are still underway.

“In addition to consulting with the Board of Directors, the GM will discuss the feedback with bus and subway managers, and then make a decision on how best to proceed,” said Joe Pesaturo, the T spokesman.

The question sparked controversy among riders. Parents said it would be unsafe for them to try and fold a stroller while trying to hold on to their young children on the moving vehicles.

Supporters of folding said it would create more room on the T vehicles and large strollers blocking doorways were a safety hazard.

More than 17,000 votes were cast in the survey. Earlier this month at the T’s monthly board meeting, just under 9,000 votes were cast and officials said it was already a record for an online T survey.