A PSPCA truck in Philadelphia. A PSPCA truck. Credit: Metro file photo.

The Pennsylvania SPCA announced Monday night that a taxidermist admitted to skinning a large feline and leaving it in a North Philadelphia parking lot.

PSPCA spokeswoman Sarah Eremus wrote in a news release that a man called the animal advocacy organization, identified himself as the man responsible for mutilating the feline, and claimed he was a licensed hunter.


Officials said earlier Monday they found the large feline, whose paws and ears were severed, discarded in a lot at 31st and Jefferson Streets, Eremus said.

“We believe it to be a feline of some sort,” Eremus said. “A large feline, not a domestic cat. Something more like a bobcat.”

Eremus said the instruments used to butcher the animal were found nearby.

The unknown man claimed he killed the animal last month on a hunting trip. He told the SPCA that he skinned the animal "While performing a taxidermy," according to Eremus.

The investigation is ongoing.


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